Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Super Success

Dinner and Silent Auction Raises $16, 715!!!

There I was last Friday Night getting ready to address the 130 people that had come to the fundraising dinner, as i scanned the crowd I ran into face after face of people who have played both large and small roles throughout my life. Whether large or small the role is significant and at that moment what ever nervousness or apprehension I had drifted away with each smiling face. After all, a couple had driven an hour and half from Toms River to attend and one special guest had come all the way from Boston, MA. It was time to say what was on my mind, and the best I could put forward was that I understand how blessed I have been and am.

Tables of people from my grammar school, parish, high school, family, and even college. I had promised good food and great company, and both were provided without any input or help by myself. The exquisite Italian meats and food were donated by the Buzzio family and their restaurant Birichinos in the city (http://www.salumeriabiellese.com/). The great company increased as each person entered the door; smiles, hugs, and salutations for friends and acquaintances who have not been able to catch up for some time. As the music played, and even as the fire alarm raged (on account of the oven smoke) I thought about life and its precious and uniquely special nature.

It is not enough to say thank you to the many people who made the event possible and even more so a success. There was Deacon Joe and my Parish (St Philomena's) who were ready for questions and had all the answers. There was the Specchio Foundation that allows me the honor of attempting this worthy endeavor under the name of their beloved late daughter. In addition, I am indebted to my mother Elvie, stepmom Amy, Aunt Celeste , and cousin Tess for the countless hours of work they put in before and during the event. With the help of all these people I was able to raise more than half of the projects budget in one night.

What lays ahead is the planning of the trips and the finalization of dates with the clinics. Make sure to visit now and again for pictures and updates.

I invite those who attended to post your comments on the night. Lastly, I thank you for the generosity and the support.