Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Follow Up to Round Table

1st Round Table Update

Although I couldn't find a round table, the hour long event was full of active discussion and back and forth open exchanges regarding human rights as a means or goal of development and the role of international funds in low and middle income countries.

One specific question posed that generated a great dialogue was what should the priority be for international funds.

Over 20 people attended the inaugural event ranging from MHS, MPH and PhD candidates from Hopkins spanning US and international physicians, former Peace Corps members, and current medical students.

Given the positive response I am in the process of planning and piecing together the next Round Table.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

1st Round Table Talk

Monday (Tomorrow) 12:15-1:15pm W4019

The JHSPH Health and Human Rights Student Group will be hosting their first Round Table talk tomorrow at 12:15pm in room W4019. Round Tables will occur at least once a month and will follow a simple pattern - a short TED style video and then discussion. No lecturing but ideas, experiences, and points of view are welcome!

We will be screening a portion of a provocative Hans Rosling Ted Talk as a launch pad into a student led open discussion on health, human rights, and development. Afterwards, you'll believe the seemingly impossible is possible.

Food won't be provided, but a thought provoking atmosphere will.

Have an idea or video to share? For now send it over at MarcoAmbrosio32(at) or @Marcoambrosio

(We showed from the 10:30 minute mark onward)

Questions to discuss:
Do you agree/disagree with the + marks?
Is Human Rights a means or a goal? What about government?
Where should donor funds and local government funds be spent? Is there a priority?