Friday, July 20, 2007

Hello and Welcome


My name is Marco Ambrosio and I am a recent graduate from Fairfield University. I have spent the last four months planning a HIV project that will illustrate the differing realities of experiencing HIV/AIDS around the world. I will be volunteering at non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations for 2 - 3 weeks at different cities and conducting interviews of program managers and people living with HIV who utilize the organization. These interviews will be guided by uniform questions that address access to treatment, funding, discrimination, and other valuable information. The more people understand about the AIDS pandemic, the more people will see the injustice that abounds and the urgency of the situation in the developing world. The interviews will be the heart of the book that will come out of the project.

This Blog will be used as a journal to document what I see, learn, and witness while traveling. It will be a way for friends, family, and others to track where I am and learn about the culture and the status of HIV/AIDS in the cities I visit. I invite all to post comments and be a part of the journey.

Best regards,


PS. I begin travel in early November so make sure you revisit!