Saturday, February 27, 2010

Museum Trip Update!!!

This is the text of an email I've sent out to individuals that donated to the Museum Trip. The reasons for the trip, which celebrates African American History and Art, can be found here. Learn more on my website.

Thank you for contributing towards the Christ the King Prep (CTK) field trip! Within four weeks of the kick off date we raised over $700 with contributions from 24 individuals. I am happy to report that donations ranged from over 50 years in age, multiple states, and varying religious denominations; including all 3 Abrahamic faiths (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism).

In the wake of Haiti's devastation, I decided many weeks ago to call the Montclair Art Museum and pro-actively approach an agreement for them to cover the remaining gap in costs. Now that it is finalized, I can fill you in on the great news! The Museum will be covering ALL costs for not only the 86 Sophomores, but has invited the entire Junior class to join as well! The Museum was eager to provide CTK students the opportunity to explore African American Art of the early 20th century and engage in an amateur studio session. Expect photos and video responses from the students following their March trips.

Your donation will be used in another meaningful art endeavors. Cristina Lewis, a young muralist, has generously accepted to volunteer and work with six students on the creation of a "multicultural" mural at CTK. The students were chosen through a submission process and each one will play an active role in the development, sketching and painting of the mural. The first meetings have already produced great ideas and acted as a new outlet for gifted students to share their talents. The raised funds will cover the cost of this mural and perhaps a second. I will be documenting the process in a short video to share with you.

Thank you again for making this possible. Your impact will certainly be felt and your support is already appreciated.

Best regards,

Marco Ambrosio

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