Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Project Update

I apologize for the silence. I have been drafting chapters of the book, applying to graduate schools, and setting up speeches in the Tristate (NJ, NY, and CT) area.

I am pleased to announce the International HIV/AIDS Alliance Ukraine will be the final research site for my book. They are financed by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS and will represent a harm reduction model that focuses on the relationship between intravenous drug usage and HIV infections. The organization is one of the strongest in Eastern Europe and is responsible for two of the largest HIV initiatives in the Ukraine. It will be a privilege to cover and document their work. More details will follow once logistics are finalized.

I will be posting at least one entry per week until further notice. I invite you to view the keynote speech I gave at the Emily C. Specchio Foundation on YouTube. The speech highlights successes and hope encountered in each country stemming from individual empowerment and personal action.

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