Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Videos with a Purpose

GlobalSocialJustice.net has added a new feature – Bi-weekly Video Awards (BVA). These videos will come out on Sunday nights every other week and have the “Guaranteed to Inspire or Inform” stamp of approval!

Andy Ridley, the Executive Director of Earth Hour, has been one of the creative geniuses behind an advocacy campaign that has turned the lights off in over 4,000 cities and 88 countries; all in preparation for the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. By keeping the Earth Hour logo and creative open source, Ridley was able to take advantage of a undervalued resource – people’s own creativity and drive to push a message. The inaugural BVA was introduced to me during Ridley’s presentation at the Social Good Conference. As the lights go off around some of the world’s most recognized monuments and buildings one can not help the goosebumps that come with a unifying global call for action.

I choose this video to coincide with an “unprecedented” day in United Nations and perhaps global history. One hundred heads of state gathering at the United Nations for a day long conference solely focused on the upcoming Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. The backroom discussions and conversations coupled with speeches by key players makes this conference the barometer for who will sign what come December. So far I have been unimpressed with the TV media coverage given the importance of today’s gathering, but the NY Times has several articles and clips worth checking out.

Watch the video at GlobalSocialJustice.Net


Emma Springer said...

I am not surprised that coverage of this is totally non-existent. The TV stations are only interested in covering these types of topics. Just watch TV and you will see what I mean.

Marco Ambrosio said...

Hello Emma,
Thanks for the comment. It seems the NY Post got a prank pulled on them as a symbol for the media not focusing on the event.... I just read the article online http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/09/22/new.york.fake.newspaper/index.html