Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Revamped, Redesigned and Ready to Go

Launching The Round Table

Fourteen months ago I sent in my deferral to Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (JHSPH). I knew I wasn't ready to take advantage of the one year accelerated program. Ranked #1 in the world, with renowned faculty and over four-hundred courses, I knew the program warranted a clearer path and more focus. Considering I raised all the funds for my previous work abroad, a year delay to work and draft a half a manuscript made sense financially and personally.

Along with my deferral notice came one regret; having to wait a year to be immersed in a rich atmosphere of movers, shakers, and individuals eager to make an impact on the world around them. It was the free flow of ideas, the debating, and the unique perspectives that would have to wait another year.

This past June 28th, the fast paced journey began and I can not think of a better way to share and record the opportunity than through this blog and my website. Revamped and redesigned, this blog will be highlighting lessons learned, take away concepts, and engaging ideas from some of the best and brightest Hopkins has to offer. From guest lectures by Pulitzer Prize winners, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients, and titans in the field of public health to guest blogs by students and general topics of discussion, I hope the blog continues to inform, challenge and inspire.

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