Sunday, September 12, 2010

1st Round Table Talk

Monday (Tomorrow) 12:15-1:15pm W4019

The JHSPH Health and Human Rights Student Group will be hosting their first Round Table talk tomorrow at 12:15pm in room W4019. Round Tables will occur at least once a month and will follow a simple pattern - a short TED style video and then discussion. No lecturing but ideas, experiences, and points of view are welcome!

We will be screening a portion of a provocative Hans Rosling Ted Talk as a launch pad into a student led open discussion on health, human rights, and development. Afterwards, you'll believe the seemingly impossible is possible.

Food won't be provided, but a thought provoking atmosphere will.

Have an idea or video to share? For now send it over at MarcoAmbrosio32(at) or @Marcoambrosio

(We showed from the 10:30 minute mark onward)

Questions to discuss:
Do you agree/disagree with the + marks?
Is Human Rights a means or a goal? What about government?
Where should donor funds and local government funds be spent? Is there a priority?

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