Sunday, November 29, 2009

BVA - Alisa Miller's take on Media

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Growing up in a first generation household from Argentina, I already new that Latin America was never on the radar for mass media or the evening news programs. Hurricanes, the drug trade and an occasional piece on a Latin American president – these were the stories. Likewise, being four years younger than Britney Spears taught me that pop culture always has an ace up its sleeve. Despite these understandings I was still taken aback by the sheer disproportion in news coverage as demonstrated by Alisa Miller, CEO of Public Radio International.

Given the global recession and nearly two years of social media and technological advances, it would be very interesting to see a new installment of this same presentation. For instance, print media has continued slashing costs with foreign bureaus and correspondents treated as fat rather than red meat. In addition, would the rise of twitter and internet news sites such as Globalpost and Huffington post alter the landscape, or would the fixed attention trends continue with the balloon boy or Michael Jackson simply replacing Anna Nicole Smith?

For shining a light on a topic often overlooked, Alisa Miller’s 2008 TED talk is stamped as “Guaranteed to Inform”


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