Sunday, November 1, 2009

BVA – Dove “Evolution”

The Bi-weekly Video Award (BVA) is announced Sunday nights every other week. These videos are stamped with my "Guaranteed to Inspire or Inform" tag. Check out for more.

In President Eisenhower’s farewell address he warned the country of a “military-industrial complex” that could grow so large it would challenge our democratic principles and liberties. Eisenhower feared the influence and lobbying power this complex would have on government policies, decision and budgets. 50 years later the Congressional Budgeting Office divvies up 20% of the taxpayer pie to Defense. A closer look by places the percentage at 54 by including veteran benefits and the dual wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Perhaps the President known for his highways and WWII heroism should also be recognized as a psychic.

In the last BVA, Annie Leonard tackled another industrialized system. This one was defined by corporate capitalism and relentless consumerism which are depleting resources, producing endless waste and valuing short term profits over long term sustainability. She picks up where Eisenhower left adding the largest multinational corporations to the list of undemocratic and potentially destructive influences.

This BVA installment attempts to shine light on materialism and manipulative marketing – two lifebloods of consumerism. Whereas Eisenhower alerted citizens to changes that could alter our democratic practices, consumerism, materialism and manipulative marketing affect the psyche of individuals. Marketing machines have nearly ingrained in our culture an insatiable desire for newer, better and bigger. Quick, go out and buy the latest UGG boots or wrist watch as if materials indicate someone’s worth or value. Buy that hair coloring product, anti-aging cream or spend a few thousand on botox shots. Don’t you know that age is the enemy? It brings me back to my research in Rwanda where a middle aged female US doctor said she would never color her grey hair again. Why? Because her patients taught her without a word that grey hair meant you were privileged to live a long life - a privilege to celebrate not hide.

The old adage maintains that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately the message is mangled by industries hawking items and portraying their own selective and near unattainable definition of beauty. I find it interesting how it can radically differ across cultural borders. For example, in Thailand women use skin bleaching creams and whitening techniques while in the USA it’s self bronzing lotions and tanning beds. How can a woman keep up?

This Dove video offers a glimpse into what every person, particularly girls, should know - beauty is not derived from external forces, marketing campaigns or doctored photos. I promise that you’ll never look at advertisement the same again.


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