Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Educational and Inspiring DVD Seeks to Promote Hope in the Global HIV Struggle

Ever since I started traveling the emails and the Facebook messages have come in from people wanting to know more about the country I was in, the organization I was covering, or a story that I found profound. They wanted more than the writings and photos on the blog. They wanted a deeper connection. I thought what can I do? The not so secret answer is the “Hope & Global HIV” DVD.

I produced the DVD through the videos, photos, and interviews I conducted while in country. It will not win a Hi-Definition award for best documentary but I promise it will intrigue, inform and move a viewer. It has two objectives. The first is to educatethe audience about global HIV/AIDS but to also provide interesting cultural and historical notes on each country. It is also full of links and country specific music providing depth and launching sites for independent googling later. The second is to inspire by highlighting the story of an organization or an individual that is building hope through action. The Ruths of California, Marias of Nicaragua, and Daxas of India will provide poignant examples that we must never underestimate the power of the individual to greatly impact their community.

Each of the five countries has there own chapter in the DVD and I have shown the Rwanda, Nicaragua, and San Francisco chapters at presentations in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, California, and Connecticut to the exact reviews I hoped for. “Wow, I didn’t know that” or “Powerful”. I have already sold a third of the first production batch and I am immensely proud of the reviews and feedback from the DVD. Anything that both high school teenagers and adults find intriguing and powerful is a feat by itself!

I have personally raised all funds for my research and work. Much of it has been channeled through the Emily C. Specchio Foundation to ensure tax-deductible donations. The DVD is available for $20 and can be purchased via credit card on the Right Side Bar or if you wish to make it tax-deductible then it can be purchased via a donation to the foundation that clearly marks “Ambrosio HIV Project”. Thank you for the continued support!

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