Thursday, February 5, 2009

Speaking Updates

I am pleased to announce I will be guest lecturing at Fairfield University twice in February.

Feb 17 – Course: Nursing
Topic: Researching in Nicaragua: Expectations and Cultural Sensitivity

Feb 18 – Course: Justice in the Developing World: Nicaragua
Topic – Healthcare in Nicaragua: Role of Non-Governmental Orgs.

Last week I presented “Faith in Action” to the Senior Class at Regis High School in NYC. I was very impressed with the service learning and service opportunities afforded to students at the school. I am currently working on a blog entry regarding my experience at Regis. The entry is a reflective piece stemming from a question I routinely get following a presentation - How did this all first start?

I've added the Twitter feature to the side bar and invite people to follow me on the newest rage in social media. My twitter name is Marcoambrosio

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You were such a treat to have as a speaker. Your passion and enthusiasm for this topic were so eloquently displayed throughout your speech, making it a joy to listen to (that and the few cuss words added a bit of good humor). Your infectious nature is a gift and I am so happy you are sharing it all over the WILL make a difference! Thank you again for coming to share you visions and knowledge with us. You have enlightened us all! Now maybe you will have 8 more people jump on your band wagon of hope!
Hopefully we will be seeing you in Nica!