Friday, February 27, 2009

Nicaragua part Duex: Follow Ups, Researching, and Connecting

Follow Ups

I will be spending time at CISAS (the organization featured in the manuscript and DVD) and following up with the HIV Self Help Group and the individuals I interviewed last year. (See photo album on side bar for Nicaragua)


Besides updating my research, I will be paying particular attention to the local perspective of Obama and the economic crisis. Also, what effects the locals have seen since the economic downturn (reduced numbers of people leaving, less money being sent home, people returning etc). Lastly, I will be meeting with a microfinance center that works with Kiva to learn more about how they operate, the relationship with the organization, and to see if there are any Kiva fellows around to interview.


1. I will be helping a group of college students from Fairfield University with their field research during the week. There are two students researching women’s roles and rights post Sandinista revolution and another comparing the HIV incidence rates between Honduras and Nicaragua. I have set up meetings and interviews as resources for the students. I will be joining the group from time to time for field visits, group presentations, and introducing them to the famous Sandinista music and spirit of León.

2. I will be blogging, facebooking, and tweeting (under ID - Marcoambrosio) everyday while in country. It will be the best way for anyone to ask questions, comment, or contact me. I will also be traveling for the first time with the much buzzed and raved about Flip Video Camera . This will allow me to post videos of cultural notes, historical notes, and advocacy events of CISAS.

Make sure you visit because until March 10th there will be something new everyday (barring any electronic or technical misfortunes)

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